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Lawer Winemakers

Our winemaking team consists of Cary Gott and Kelly DeIanni who possess a rare blend of winemaking passion, bold creativity and exacting standards of excellence. They are as finely balanced as the Lawer Estates wines they make.

Cary Gott is the lead winemaker at Lawer Estates. Representing the fourth generation of his family in the California wine business, Cary has lifelong experience making ultra-premium wines and creating successful brands for over 40 years. Cary is also the founding principal of Vineyard & Winery Estates, where he assists wine brands in establishing operations and developing wineries. He has worked with dozens of wineries including Round Pond, Ram’s Gate, Sterling Vineyards and Mumm Napa Valley.

Winemaker, Kelly DeIanni, works closely with Cary to craft the Lawer Estates wines. Kelly has more than two decades of vineyard and winemaking experience and has made wine for more than a dozen leading wine brands. She applies her winemaking skills, passion and drive for excellence to each vintage. She and her family share the Lawer Estates values in sustainable farming, whether working in their family vineyard or maintaining their edible gardens, beehives and fruit trees.

From our vineyards to your table, our winemaking team’s talent and experience is your assurance that every bottle of Lawer Estates wine is bold, distinctive and memorable.

The Winemakers

“If there were a recipe for making a high-profile Napa Valley winery and vineyard, Cary Gott would likely be among the key ingredients. He has been involved in the creation of more than 20 wineries, and he has a history that gives him unique expertise.” – Napa Valley Register