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Lawer Vineyard Management

Every great wine begins in the vineyard.

At Lawer Estates, we practice certified sustainable winegrowing practices. Our commitment to sustainable wine growing optimizes the quality of our wines while ensuring that our wines will be enjoyed by future generations of our family and yours.
The Lawer Estates vineyards are managed under the close watch of John Piña who has been managing Napa Valley and Sonoma vineyards for almost 50 years. John knows and understands the region’s diverse topography, varying terroir and nuances of climate better than anyone we know.

When asked about the exceptional fruit produced by Betsy’s Vineyard in Franz Valley, John described the terroir as rich, fertile and one-of-a-kind. Combined with its special mountain valley climate, Betsy’s Vineyard produces fruit with a highly prized flavor and special character not found in other vineyards.

John’s passion, expertise and uncompromising attention to detail are the first step – the true foundation – in crafting the Lawer Estates wines.