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The Calistoga AVA

A little over two years ago, the Calistoga Amercian Viticultural Area (AVA) was born. But it was just recently that the Calistoga Winegrowers organization installed its first Board of Directors to market the AVA as a distinct source of wine. Our estate vineyard in Knights Valley lies within Sonoma, but our new Napa Cabernet vineyard is well within the Calistoga AVA – and we’re thrilled that it has this recognition and notoriety. (The above picture highlights the new site for our Napa Cabernet, and a view from our Retreat On The Knoll rental property.) We too believe that the Calistoga AVA terroir and wines are distinguishable, not just from other domestic and international regions, but from the immediately nearby region of the Napa Valley floor.


The Calistoga AVA has notable terroir characteristics of volcanic soil, cooler hillside climates, and distinct flat warmer pockets in between. Calistoga AVA wines also showcase an intensity and minerality as a result of this environment. Though our new Cabernet vineyard still has a few years until the vines are ready to produce quality winemaking fruit, we’ll be watching its growth and tasting each harvest intently to see how similar our vineyard matches the realm of the AVA.


We're looking forward to what the Calistoga Winegrowers Board of Directors have up their sleeves for marketing this AVA. Located at the north end of the Napa Valley, the Calistoga AVA has long been home to a number of standout wineries, even before it had an official classification. Though a hidden secret no more, Calistoga's small-town charm is a sleepy giant in the hierarchy of wine. Get in on the ground floor and cheers to a good time ahead for the region!


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